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What are Tongue Twisters?

Tongue Twisters are a line of words that are difficult to pronounce quickly. This is due to their slight variation of sound. They can rely on minor changes in pronunciation which require rapid movement in your mouth or tongue to pronounce properly. They often employ musical intelligence as well. 

Tongue Twisters can be fun to pronounce but often do not make grammatical sense. They should not be used as guides when learning proper grammar. They should only be introduced as pronunciation tools that will help build memory related to speech and subtle changes between different sounds. 

It is unclear who invented Tounge Twisters. It may have been parents looking to amuse their children. Others believe it was scholars to provide a challenge to their students. We may never find the origin of Tongue Twisters, but we do know they did reach publication in the early 19th Century. 

Why Are Tongue Twisters Important?

Despite not being grammatically accurate, there are benefits to Tongue Twisters. They can be used as more than just a silly way to pass time. They not only help practice pronunciation but Tongue Twisters will help teach the proper pronunciation of words, especially to small children and individuals just learning the English language. 

They also help you strengthen the muscles that are used when you speak. The muscles of the mouth need to move in certain positions to create individual sounds. Tongue twisters will help practice and strengthen these positions and muscles in order to perfect these sounds. 

Tongue Twisters are often used by performers to loosen up before they are scheduled to go on stage. They will help them warm up and get their mouth and tongues ready to perform in front of an audience. Tongue Twisters can also be employed by voice actors before they are recorded. 

Popular Tongue Twisters

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